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Ayah Gonzales

Ayah Gonzales

  • by Curva Team
Curva Shapewear
Unveiling the extraordinary and diverse individuals of the Curva Crew! Join us in celebrating Ayah Gonzales, a cherished Curva Brand Ambassador, as she takes center stage in our enchanting Curva Chronicles. Get ready to be inspired by Ayah Gonzales's empowering journey of confidence and self-expression with Curva!

What’s your Curva’s favorite feature?
Fabric, 100% yes. It’s not mainit sa feeling especially nasa Philippines tayo. Plus the support also, I need it firm like Curva for the unstubborn belly fats. Also, the bust and butt features, na emphasize niya yung features ko. 

How do you think Curva is different from other shapewear brands?
This one is way different, it doesn’t have the same material as the normal ones. Some shapewear are stretchy and they don’t give me the support that I need. 

What impact do you hope to make as part of the Curva? 
I want to give them the idea that shapewear isn’t only for plus-size women, we small sizes need it too. The confidence boosts as what Curva is to me.

Curva Shapewear

How has being part of the Curva Crew? 
I love dressing up and now being part of Curva made me realize that I can level up my fashion using shapewear. Before, I used to adjust to clothes (if I look bulky in it, I won’t buy it) but with Curva, the fashion adjusts to me.

What’s your go-to Curva product for a confidence boost, and why?
It’s really the bodysuit, it doesn’t give me the hassle. Once you lock it, you won’t be worried about it getting loose.

Can you share a story where you inspired someone else to embrace their body because of Curva?
I love dressing up but I also love to eat. When I’m wearing Curva, it reassures me that it’s okay to reward myself with good food and no one would notice because I’m wearing it.

Curva Shapewear

How do you practice self-care? 
It’s really to not care but I know sometimes it gets into the inside of you and it goes through your mind. When that happens I help myself and find something that could somehow help or alleviate the feeling. Like with Curva, just by wearing it, I felt so empowered and sexy.

As a member of the Curva Crew, how do you promote body positivity?
There’s been a lot of mental concerns going on behind every screen that we don’t know. So as influencers, their role is to start with themselves being confident on their own no matter how big or small they are. The positivity should start from them and nobody else and the rest will follow.

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