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Brand Story

Curva was born from the heart of our founder, Jesica. She's just like you – she knows life isn't always easy. Jesica faced her own battles and knew there had to be a way to help women feel strong and confident every day.

  • Jesica is a woman with a deep commitment to body positivity and self-empowerment. Her journey started with her own experiences as a woman who understands the struggles of finding shapewear that truly celebrates beauty - natural or enhanced.

    As a mom and businesswoman, Jesica set out to create shapewear that's more than just a piece of clothing. She wanted it to be your ally, something that helps you tackle life's challenges head-on. Jesica envisioned shapewear that doesn't just provide physical support but also bolsters the inner strength of the women who wear it.

  • She spent months perfecting our products, making sure they're not only comfortable but also make you feel amazing. Jesica envisioned shapewear that feels like a second skin, offering comfort, support, and a touch of magic. The result? Curva's Bodysculpt Seamless Shapewear, your secret weapon designed to empower every Filipina to feel confident, beautiful, and strong.But Curva is more than just shapewear; it's a symbol of your strength and resilience. Jesica's journey isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good inside and out. She knows that when women like you feel confident, they can conquer anything.

  • Join us at Curva, where confidence meets comfort, and beauty meets boldness. Together, we'll celebrate every curve and empower every woman to own her unique charm.

Why Choose Curva

Discover Why Curva Stands Out: Comfort, Style, and Empowerment
  • Embrace Your Curves
    Embrace Your Curves
    We believe that every curve is a testament to your strength and beauty. Our shapewear celebrates your natural form, giving you the confidence to shine.
  • Eco-Friendly Commitment
    Eco-Friendly Commitment
    We care for the planet as much as we care for you. Our products are made from recycled materials, and we're continually working to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Quality and Comfort
    Quality and Comfort
    We're obsessed with quality. Our shapewear is designed to feel like a second skin, offering unbeatable comfort and support.
  • Community and Inclusivity
    Community and Inclusivity
    Join a community that celebrates diversity and body positivity. At Curva, everyone is welcome, and we're here to empower every woman.
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