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Queen Garcia

Queen Garcia

  • by Curva Team
Explore the captivating world of Queen Garcia, an influential ambassador in our esteemed Curva Crew. Immerse yourself in the illuminating spirit and empowering narrative as Queen shares her authentic story, weaving a compelling chapter into the ever-unfolding Curva Chronicles!

How did you first discover Curva, and what made you fall in love with the brand?
Curva's shapewear significantly boosts my confidence, especially when dressing for events or occasions that demand body-hugging attire, like a body con dress. It not only ensures proper posture but also beautifully accentuates my curves, particularly as a plus-size individual.

In what ways do you think Curva is revolutionizing the shapewear industry?
Curva's mission deeply resonated with me when I realized their commitment to empowering individuals of all body shapes and sizes. It aligns with my belief in
promoting body positivity and inclusivity, fostering a sense of confidence and
self-acceptance for everyone.

What message do you hope to convey through your partnership with Curva?
For someone new to the Curva Crew, my advice would be to embrace the journey.

Take the time to explore different products, find what suits your comfort and style, and don't hesitate to reach out to the community for tips and support. It's about discovering the confidence that comes with embracing your unique beauty.

How do you think body positivity influences mental health?
At one point, I grappled with accepting my body's curves, leading to self-pity and
negative self-talk about my appearance. However, I decided to initiate a positive change, aiming to inspire others with a similar body type. Since then, embracing and celebrating my curves and plus-size body has sparked a transformative shift in my confidence and self-esteem. This journey has shown me that beauty encompasses diverse forms, and accepting oneself fosters a deep sense of empowerment and contentment.
How do you ensure your advocacy for body positivity remains inclusive and diverse?
There was a moment when I began sharing pictures that showcased my curves and confidence. A message from someone revealed that I inspired her to embrace wearing what she desired, urging her to ignore negative comments about her body. Additionally, a friend, initially insecure about her body, shared that I helped her realize the importance of self-love for her body and curves. This experience reinforced my belief that true beauty lies in confidence.

How do you ensure your advocacy for body positivity remains inclusive and diverse?
The fashion industry can better embrace all body types by diversifying representation in advertisements, runway shows, and campaigns. Creating inclusive sizing, ensuring a range of styles suits different body shapes, and fostering a body-positive environment can help break stereotypes. Moreover, involving diverse body types in the design and decision-making processes will contribute to a more inclusive and representative fashion landscape.

How do you approach conversations about body positivity with friends or family?
I handle negative comments both online and offline by choosing to ignore them.
Regardless of what you wear, your skin tone, body type, size, or ethnicity, people may still criticize. Ignoring such comments brings peace of mind, showcasing that their negativity doesn't affect you and challenging their misguided beliefs.
What’s your vision for the future of body positivity and shapewear?
I encourage others to break free from traditional beauty standards by celebrating
individuality and embracing diverse forms of beauty. Encouraging self-expression, emphasizing inner qualities, and promoting confidence in one's unique features are key. By fostering a mindset that values authenticity and self-acceptance, individuals can liberate themselves from societal expectations and redefine their own standards of beauty. 

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