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Zilah Rama

Zilah Rama

  • by Curva Team
Embark on an inspiring journey through the dynamic world of Zilah Rama, a beloved member of our esteemed Curva Crew. Discover the vibrant spirit and empowering narrative as Zilah shares her authentic story, weaving a captivating chapter into the ever-evolving tapestry of the Curva Chronicles!
What’s your favorite feature of Curva shapewear, and why?
My favorite feature of Curva Shapewear is that it's true to its claim because it doesn’t just hug your body but it hugs & lifts your natural shape making you more confident.  

How do you think Curva is different from other shapewear brands?
I think Curva is differs from other brands because it promotes empowerment to women and its products are true to its claim and have top-notch quality. 
What impact do you hope to make as part of the Curva Crew?
I want women to be encouraged to be confident despite what body type they have and achieve their confidence using Curva. 
How has being a part of the Curva Crew impacted your views on fashion and sustainability?
I was happy to be part of the Curva crew because it empowers women of all shapes and sizes. It really helped me to be more fashionable because I can wear the shapewear with different types of clothing and I believe I could use it many times because it is high quality. 
What’s your go-to Curva product for a confidence boost, and why?
My go-to Curva product was the bodysuit boxer because it is comfy yet easy to style, just put a jacket or polo on top plus a cap and you are good to go. 
Can you share an experience where you felt empowered by the Curva community?
I was empowered by the Curva community when I saw the other girls wearing Curva being confident & stylish in their body no matter what size they are. 
How do you practice self-care and body positivity on tough days?
I practice self-care and body positivity by focusing on myself, setting a goal, practicing a healthy diet & cutting off negative thoughts.
What role do you think influencers play in shaping the body positivity movement?
I think Curva influencers give off positive vibes on their audience by showing who they truly are at the same time being naturally confident.
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