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Rhoen Joy Lobitos

Rhoen Joy Lobitos

  • by Curva Team

Enter the enthralling realm of Rhoen Lobitos, a prominent presence in our esteemed Curva Ensemble. Immerse yourself in the vibrant vitality and the empowering chronicle as Rhoen unfolds their genuine expedition, adding a captivating section to the perpetually evolving storyline of the Curva Chronicles!
What does a typical day look like for you as a Curva Brand Ambassador?

It's fun and I really enjoy using them

How has your relationship with your body changed since joining Curva?

Since I joined Curva I noticed something in my body, it gives my body more curves.

What’s your favorite way to style Curva shapewear for a day out?

My favorite style using Curva is a body con dress and with pants because it narrows my muffin top and gives me an hourglass figure.

What’s your perspective on the evolution of body positivity in the fashion industry?

It’s give more confidence to yourself.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your journey as a body positivity

My biggest challenge is that I notice that my old friends are gradually disappearing since I started this journey.

How do you think Curva empowers women to feel more confident in their skin?

Curva is different because from bust to hips he makes it smaller, so for someone like me who has a big muffin top, it makes it appear smaller and gives me an hourglass figure and that what women want.

How do you stay authentic while promoting body positivity and shapewear on social media?

I actually show my audience what my real body looks like before I put on Curva,
so they can really see what a Curva shapewear can do to my body.

What advice would you give to someone struggling with body confidence?
This kind of question is not new to me because when I started my weight loss journey to when I achieved the body that I wanted, many people asked me this question. What I really advise them is that they need to love and appreciate themselves and their bodies because no one else will love that but you and only you.

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