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Lara Eviota

Lara Eviota

  • by Curva Team

Embark on an inspiring journey through the vibrant world of Lara Eviota, a cherished member of our esteemed Curva Crew. Discover the radiant spirit and empowering narrative as Lara unfolds her authentic story, adding a captivating chapter to the ever-evolving Curva Chronicles!

How did you first discover Curva, and what made you fall in love with the brand?
I learned about Curva while I was browsing through social media. I liked the body-positive stance it takes. Curva walks the talk with uplifting messages, brand ambassadors in a range of body shapes, and non-restrictive shapewear that caters to larger sizes like me.

In what ways do you think Curva is revolutionizing the shapewear industry?

Shapewear is historically known to restrict and constrain so the wearer would be slimmer. This also came at the cost of comfort and sustainability. Corsets of past restricted breathing and led to ailments because of the way they were built. 

In contrast, Curva is about accentuating what's already there and boosting your confidence in times when you feel like you need it. You don't have to suffer at the cost of a confidence boost or drastically alter your body to feel better. It's about feeling comfortable in your own body and clothes. I've worn Curva shapewear in my dance classes and had no issue moving around. I was even able to do the reverse tabletop pose with it during a yoga session! 

What message do you hope to convey through your partnership with Curva?
You don't need to be slim to live your life and feel confident in your own skin. I've been midsize for majority of my life. I'm big-boned and nothing's wrong with that. It doesn't make me any less beautiful. If anything, I'm grateful for my body. 

Because of my thick thighs, I can stay upright on an Angkas ride without squeezing the living daylights out of a driver's belly. My chubby arms enable me to carry luggage when I travel, to embrace the people (and pets) in my life. My stretch marks and bruises are testament to how much of life I've experienced, from chairdancing, to freediving, to pigging out on delicious food.

I don't dream of transforming my body into the shape that society deems desirable—and I don't need to. What I could use is a temporary pick-me-up in times I struggle with body image and confidence (which is totes normal and happens for everyone.) That's where shapewear like Curva comes in.

How do you think body positivity influences mental health?

As a media student, my thesis explored body image communications. I learned that body positive messages can empower and disempower—depending on how it's communicated. 

You can say body positivity is a bit of a double-edged sword. To love your body is a good message, but to force it on people without consideration of their lived experiences can often be counterproductive. In fact, it was found to induce self-consciousness and other negative feelings. This is why it's also important to explore other movements like body neutrality, which I resonate with more nowadays.

When done right, body positivity does wonders to mental health. Personally, my favorite body positive content comes from Mia Franz Gelicka and the Hi Smithy! Community.

How do you ensure your advocacy for body positivity remains inclusive and diverse?

I strive to learn more about others' experiences. To broaden my understanding of people's lived experiences and perceptions around the body. That trickles into my writing and advocacy.

I also share my own narrative as a 'triple-undesirable': I'm short, morena, and chubby. These are physical attributes that traditional beauty standards frown upon. I was frequently bullied for these traits, so I advocate for my inner child and the younger me who had to go at this alone.

How do you approach conversations about body positivity with friends or family?

With tact, nuance, and confidence. I don't preach body positivity like a pastor—I recognize it's difficult (if not impossible) to have positive feelings for your body 24/7. Even I have my down days and moments of insecurity. 

I also try to be firm. I get snarky comments sometimes; I always stand up for my body when this happens. I tend to take an inquisitive approach and ask questions. Why do you feel / think that way? Why do we think big girls can't live healthy and active lives? Why do we have to be hair-free to wear tank tops and swimsuits?

What’s your vision for the future of body positivity and shapewear?

My hope is honestly to make it more diverse and inclusive. People think body positivity is all about size, but it's more than that. It's also about skin tone, gender, physical abilities, and so much more.

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