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Dani Tinio

Dani Tinio

  • by Curva Team
Curva Shapewear
Unveil the remarkable spirit of our Curva Crew! Delve into the vibrant world of Dani Tinio, a cherished member of our esteemed Curva Brand Ambassadors. Prepare to be inspired by Dani's empowering journey of confidence and self-expression as she shines brightly in our captivating Curva Chronicles!

Can you share a moment when Curva’s shapewear made you feel exceptionally confident?
Probably the first time I tried it on. I was new to the concept of shapewear. I never dabbled it in before for fear that I would not find one that could fit me. So, once I tried Curva shapewear for the very first time, it instantly heightened my self-confidence.

Can you describe a time when Curva’s mission deeply resonated with you?
When I first learned about the brand and the mission & vision they stood by. Growing up in a Southeast Asian home, it wasn’t easy being plus size. You were alienated from the norms of what “sizes” were acceptable. I’m glad more brands are more size-inclusive now.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone new to the Curva Crew? 
Confidence is beautiful—no matter what size you are.

Curva Shapewear

Can you share a personal story that highlights the importance of embracing one’s curves? 
All my life I was basically overweight. This hindered me from eating what I wanted in front of people, dressing in a certain style, speaking to anyone I found attractive, and ultimately dwindling my self-confidence. 

Back in 2018, a life-altering moment occurred and I realized the only person who would accept me—flaws and all—was and will always be myself.

Can you share a story where you inspired someone else to embrace their body because of Curva?
From creating content I don’t normally do. Being part of the Curva Crew, I embraced every little bump and ripple in my body.

How do you think the fashion industry can better embrace all body types? 
I guess when the fashion industry does not equal a certain body to be the only body type to be considered beautiful. I am glad it’s starting already. Better sooner rather than later.

Curva Shapewear
How do you handle negative comments or beliefs about body image, online or offline?

Honestly, it passes in one ear and the other the other. Yes, it does hurt to a certain extent but I do not let comments weigh me down. I just think if this person has time to be negative towards you about how you look, maybe they are just projecting something they feel insecure about themselves.

How do you encourage others to break free from traditional beauty standards?

By becoming more unapologetic with what I post online. When I post something, I don’t normally wear, for example. I like to include the story behind this and why I did so. It’s nerve-wrecking but, the confidence you exude when you do, I think, that’s what encourages people to break free from these standards.

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