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Marge Magbuhos

Marge Magbuhos

  • by Curva Team
Marge Magbuhos
Presenting the beautiful and diverse Curva Crew! We are pleased to introduce Marge Magbuhos, one of our Curva Brand Ambassadors, in our exciting Curva Chronicles. Get ready to be inspired by Marge's inspiring story of confidence and expression with Curva!

How did you first discover Curva, and what made you fall in love with the brand?
I discovered Curva through a friend. The brand speaks for itself. I love how it emphasizes my curves and instantly boosts my confidence.

As a member of the Curva Crew, how do you embody the brand’s values in your daily life?
As I've matured, I've learned that everyone has a different body type. We should learn to love and accept our imperfections, believing that we are beautiful in our own way.

Can you share a moment where Curva’s shapewear made you feel exceptionally confident?
During a photoshoot when I wore it, I felt an instant slimming effect. I felt confident throughout the entire day. 

Marge Magbuhos for Curva
How do you think Curva is different from other shapewear brands?
The quality of Curva's items is excellent – comfortable, light, and reasonably priced, which is great considering how expensive some shapewear can be.


What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a Curva Brand Ambassador?

The experience itself is rewarding: meeting other women, seeing how women support each other regardless of size, and being an inspiration to others.

Marge Magbuhos for Curva Shapewear
How do you incorporate body positivity into your personal and professional life?
Just love and believe in yourself. A little help won't harm if it's for the better. 😊

What’s one common misconception about shapewear that you’d like to debunk?
That it's uncomfortable. You just need to find one of good quality.

How has your perception of beauty and body confidence evolved since joining the Curva Crew?
Joining Curva made me realize that all women have body insecurities. These so-called flaws are normal, and we shouldn't worry too much about them. Wearing shapewear is a great way to regain confidence.

Can you share a story where you inspired someone else to embrace their body because of Curva?
Initially, I thought I was out of shape and had lost my curves. However, when I wore Curva, I was amazed to see they were still there. 😊 Even at 73kgs and an XL size, I realized I could still rock it.

What’s your go-to Curva product for a confidence boost, and why?
My go-to color is usually black, but I was surprised by how much I liked the Khaki color. It's especially flattering for morena skin tones like mine. The product fits well and blends with my skin, giving me a comfortable feeling. Plus, it has a snap button underneath, which is very convenient.

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