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Kristine Ricamarie Javier

Kristine Ricamarie Javier

  • by Curva Team
Curva Shapewear
Unveiling the extraordinary and varied individuals of the Curva Crew! Let's come together to honor Kristine Ricamarie Javier, a valued Curva Brand Ambassador, as she graces the spotlight in our enchanting Curva Chronicles. Get ready to be motivated by Kristine Ricamarie Javier's empowering narrative of confidence and self-expression with Curva!

Can you share a moment when Curva’s shapewear made you feel exceptionally confident?
Honestly, before, I was very conscious of how I looked. I was even bullied before because of my weight. But growing up, I realized that no matter how much I weigh, or how I look, I should learn to love myself. Learning about Curva and its advocacy, and getting to try their products personally, really gave me that added boost of self-confidence! Now, I am an unapologetically confident girl with curves!

Can you describe a time when Curva’s mission deeply resonated with you?

I instantly fell in love, once I got to learn about the Curva. I just love Curva's advocacy, how it emphasizes body positivity, and how it brings back every curvy girl's confidence through its products. 

Curva Shapewear

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone new to the Curva Crew? 
You do you. Don't mind any negative comments getting to you, and just always be yourself. Always remember that you are beautiful no matter what size you have! And being a new Curva crew, for sure you will also fall in love with this brand and its advocacy!

Can you share a personal story that highlights the importance of embracing one’s curves?
As a person who loves fashion, wearing Curva Shapewear has really given me that instant boost of confidence, especially when I am attending an event, or even when it's just a casual day with friends and family. Curva made me feel sexier and more confident!

Can you share a story where you inspired someone else to embrace their body because of Curva?
I have always been confident with my style, even as a plus-size girlie, I would even wear crop tops and be confident about it. But wearing Curva really doubled that confidence! My shape is really emphasized, making me look more curvy and sexy!
Curva Shapewear
How do you think the fashion industry can better embrace all body types?

I think the fashion industry should be more open to plus sizes. Because for me, fashion is for everyone, no matter how you look or how much you weigh. 

How do you handle negative comments or beliefs about body image, online or offline?
Before, I tended to feel bad about hearing negative comments, especially when it came to my weight. I tend to feel insecure. But now that I have learned to love and accept myself for what I am, I just shrug off negative comments and continue doing what I do
Curva Shapewear
How do you encourage others to break free from traditional beauty standards?
The most common misconception that I am hearing about wearing a shapewear is that it's only worn by Curvy women. But no, it's not. No matter what your size is, you can wear shapewear! Curva Shapewear is meant to promote body positivity by enhancing your confidence and giving you comfort with style. So try it too and achieve that #CurvaConfidence!

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