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Ishma Angela Francisco

Ishma Angela Francisco

  • by Curva Team
Curva Shapewear
Introducing the remarkable and diverse members of the Curva Crew! Let's unite in celebrating Ishma Angela Francisco, a cherished Curva Brand Ambassador, as she takes center stage in our captivating Curva Chronicles. Brace yourself for the inspiration that unfolds through Ishma Angela Francisco's empowering journey of confidence and self-expression with Curva!

How did you first discover Curva, and what made you fall in love with the brand?
I found Curva on Instagram, where they support body positivity making me really love their brand.

In what ways do you think Curva is revolutionizing the shapewear industry?
I think Curva is changing how shapewear works by being inclusive, accepting all body types, and going against the usual ideas of beauty.

What message do you hope to convey through your partnership with Curva?
Working with Curva was a really nice experience, also I want everyone to feel good about their body, no matter what others think.

Curva Shapewear

What’s one common misconception about shapewear that you’d like to debunk?
Many people think shapewear is just for a specific body shape, but Curva is more about making you feel comfy and confident.

How do you think body positivity influences mental health?
Being positive about your body really helps your mind, making you accept yourself and ease the stress from what society expects.

How do you ensure your advocacy for body positivity remains inclusive and diverse?
I make sure everyone is included by supporting different voices, showing diverse people, and saying that body positivity is for everyone.

Curva Shapewear

How do you approach conversations about body positivity with friends or family?
When talking about body positivity, I talked openly with my friends and family, sharing personal stories and saying how important it is to love yourself.

What’s your vision for the future of body positivity and shapewear?
Imagine a future where feeling good about your body and using shape wear, letting everyone celebrate their unique beauty without needing to fit the standards.

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