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Cassandra Abaño

Cassandra Abaño

  • by Curva Team
Venture into a captivating expedition through the dynamic world of Cassandra Abaño, an esteemed personality in our cherished Curva Crew. Explore the lively spirit and empowering narrative as Cassandra unravels her authentic journey, contributing an intriguing segment to the continuously evolving tapestry of the Curva Chronicles!

As a member of the Curva Crew, how do you embody the brand’s values in your daily life?
by inspiring others to be confident and self-assured.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned since joining the Curva Crew?
that I can still be ME.

How do you stay motivated and inspired as a Curva Brand Ambassador?
Feeling reassured knowing that I'm not alone, and sharing common values with the community, keeps me motivated as a Curva Brand Ambassador.

How do you integrate Curva’s values into your personal branding?
I strive to prove that confidence and self-love take precedence as essential aspects of being a woman.

How do you think Curva supports mental well-being through its products and community?
Curva supports mental well-being by creating a community that encourages positive body image and offering products designed for comfort and confidence. This combination helps individuals feel supported and embraced, positively impacting their mental well-being.
How has your perception of beauty and body confidence evolved since joining the Curva Crew?
As a mother of two wonderful daughters, my body underwent changes after
childbirth—stretch marks appeared around my hips and thighs, and I gained weight. I believed I wouldn't regain my old body or fit into the dresses I desired. However, Curva proved that I can confidently wear any clothing I choose. It's fantastic that you feel confident and empowered to flaunt your body. Celebrating self-confidence is a wonderful aspect of embracing one's individuality.

What’s your message to women who are hesitant to try shapewear?
Shapewear is designed to boost women's confidence, so don't hesitate to give it a try and experience the positive impact for yourself.

What’s one body positivity mantra you live by?
I embrace and celebrate my unique beauty, inside and out.

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